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Medieval Salt Depot

Medieval Salt Depot

Medieval Salt Depot, Karpen village -Kulture Monument K.I

It is positioned in the northwest of the city of Kavaja, near the Adriatic coast, which has given it the opportunity since ancient times for the storage of sea salt. It is the only salt warehouse in Albania of this size that has survived to our days, with indisputable historical and architectural values.

Due to the value and importance of the salt warehouse, it was declared a cultural monument of the first category in 1984. It is a building volume with a quadrangular plan, with high walls, preserved up to a height of 5.2m, that outline a parallelopiped. It is built with stones, tiles and bricks. The construction technique is mixed, and it measures 23x53m. The floor is also paved with river stone.

In fact, the second floor above the main entrance, where the offices were, was destroyed by an accidental fire in June 1967. The repair was carried out without rebuilding them as we see them today. In some sources, there is also information that dates the warehouse built by the Venetians in 1425. Unfortunately, the plaque on which this information is thought to have been written has disappeared over the years.

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