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Old Buildings

Old Buildings

Construction works of the communist period
The communist period in Albania extended from 1945 to 1991. Since the area in question is coastal, with plain and hilly relief, the construction activity during this period was mostly in the following areas: agricultural, economic and military /fortifying.

Various traces and constructions belonging to the second half of the century are scattered in the area. XX, the communist period, starting from constructions with an agricultural character, such as the dams of many water catchments built to provide the necessary amount of water so necessary for agriculture, irrigation drainage channels, reclamation works, hydrobores, water pipes, warehouses and other buildings auxiliary of former cooperatives.

Constructions of a military character such as bunkers of various types and sizes, trenches, tunnels and military wards are found everywhere.
Near the village of Bardhore, the ruins and parts of buildings from the prison of the same name can still be found today. Built during this period where, unfortunately, prisoners with anti-communist convictions were isolated and suffered. Today it is used and visited as a place of historical memory.

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