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Natural Points

The Forest of Beden

The Forest of Beden

The Beden forest lies west of the village of the same name in the area of Kavaja. It has an area of about 300 ha, consisting of various woods, mostly conifers. There are also a large number of flowers and bushes, which make the forest very attractive for nature and flora enthusiasts.

Characteristic is the greenery that is found throughout the year. As for the fauna, animals such as foxes, jackals, wild rabbits, weasels and several types of birds live there. It is a protected natural area. Currently, the condition and preservation of the forest and vegetation in general is very good and there is a very low, almost non-existent level of pollution caused by human activity.

It is envisaged that in the vicinity of the Beden forest, a service structure will be erected for the purpose of tourism, friendly to nature, with minimalist interventions, such as wooden lodges, outdoor playgrounds, service facilities and parking for campers/caravans, camping area, etc. It is thought to build a horse farm, the largest equestrian center in the district.

The forest currently offers very good opportunities for nature walks, thanks to the paths that wind through it, which can be used by visitors on foot, with mountain bikes and in the very near future, with horses.

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