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Turre Castle

Turre Castle

Turre Castle – Cultural Monument K.I

Positioned in the southern part of the bay of Durrës, on the coast of the Adriatic, there is Cape Lagji, otherwise known as the castle of Turra. It has a very interesting location and history which goes deep into the centuries before Christ.

There are various local and foreign researchers, historians and archaeologists who think that the ancient city of Epidamni, founded by Korkyra settlers, was located in this area.

They are based on various data such as ancient and medieval historical written sources, topography and geography of the area, etymology and toponymy of some names of villages, streams and places around the area we are talking about.

Also, there are archaeological data, which are actually few and found during several observations made at different times by archaeologists.

It should be noted that unfortunately the area and the archaeological layers have been greatly damaged by erosion, atmospheric agents as well as during the communist period, as a result of the construction activity for fortifications and military units that were built there precisely thanks to the strategic and defensive position of Turra Castle.

It has received the status of cultural monument of the first category since 1948.

Still today, a real archaeological excavation has not been organized, which could bring archaeological material with more data in quantity and quality, as well as encourage experts in the field to come to the most accurate conclusions.

If it were really so, we would have a review of history and a very important cultural site not only of Kavaja, but of all Albania.

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