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Itinerary IV – Venetian Route

Itinerary IV – Venetian Route

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Designing the path around the ``Hills of Kavaja`` - with bicycles

This path crosses the gentle hills west of the city of Kavaja as well as the coast of Spille, the Adriatic Sea.


On the basis of the preliminary study and analysis, this path was realized together with the itinerary, as it offers a very intriguing natural landscape, starting from the field of Vilë Bashtova, small lakes along the passage to the village of Kryevidh, to the west the Adriatic Sea as well as the massif with pines along this coast, intertwining at the edge, to the north and south, with 2 cultural assets such as the ruins of Turra Castle and Bashtova Castle.


The period of communalization is also included, which is still visible today thanks to construction works, such as housing, reclamation works, but especially military constructions and fortifications.


The trail starts from Bashtova Castle, continues in the north-east direction near the villages of Kryevidh, the ruins of Turra Castle, descending to the south along the coast of Spille beach, to the massif of pines, the hydrovor, to the village of Rreth-Greth to finished at the starting point, thus taking the form of a “ring”.


“Cultural heritage”

  • Bashtovo Castle, in the village of Vilë Bashtovo
  • Turra Castle, in Domë Village, Kryevidh
  • Construction works of the communist period, such as housing, reclamation works, as well as constructions and fortifications of a military nature.

“Terrain and geographical position”

  • Hilly terrain, close distance to major cities
  • Mediterranean climate – tourism 12 months
  • Nature – forests, sea (iodine, oxygen, fishing), lakes, planted hills.
  • Not too dirty- Throughout the description of the trail, we can say that the trail is relatively clean.

Other Strengths

  • Food, organic based on local products
  • Easily accessible – paved road, public transport, mostly good road infrastructure. Equipped with orientation boards.

Information Board

Difficulty level of pedaling (1-10):



42 km

Pedaling Duration with all the stops:

4-5 hrs

Elevation of the Route from sea level:

183 m

*OPTIONAL PATH 1 – this is a path that is optionally added to the main path, which has as a point of interest a visit to the “Horse Farm”.

*OPTIONAL PATH 2 – this is a path that is optionally added to the main path, which has as a point of interest the visit near the “Salt Warehouse”, Category I Cultural Monument.

Several points of natural interest will be described, as well as service points near the villages covered by the route.

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