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Poceria e Vjeter

Poceria e Vjeter

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The name of our restaurant is not accidental at all. “Old Pottery” is located exactly where, a long time ago, the artisans from Kavaje made their history.
Pottery products are among the earliest in the region.
The first art workshop for the production of ceramics was opened in 1936.
As a city with a tradition in the processing of clay and its products, the founders of the ceramics were really keen on the production technology from the selection of the raw material (clay), the preparation of the pulp and to the firing in the “kumi” (kiln for clay baking).
Ceramic products were in high demand in the market and were used to store food and hold liquids.
According to the simple logic of things, nothing disappears, but they are transformed. So now we are here, where the pace of work continues as always, where the echo of the voice is heard, where delicious food is cooked, where you drink wine among friends and where you feel at home.







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